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Version ?.0 frequency 2.402-2.480GHz max power output 3W sensitivity -32db receiving sensitivity Better than -82dBm distance 10meters data transmission Up to 3Mbps锛坥ver the air?nbsp; data rate 115200bps charging Voltage 3.7V –4.2V DC working Voltage 4.8V –5.5V DC working Current 200MA static state Current >1UA Battery Capcity 450MAH Amtenna Build in antenna ...

Version  ?.0 
frequency  2.402-2.480GHz 
max power output   3W 
sensitivity  -32db 
receiving sensitivity  Better than -82dBm  
distance   10meters   
data transmission  Up to 3Mbps锛坥ver the air?nbsp; 
data rate  115200bps  
charging Voltage  3.7V –4.2V DC 
working Voltage  4.8V –5.5V DC 
working Current  200MA 
static state Current   >1UA 
Battery Capcity  450MAH 
Amtenna  Build in antenna